Algar Hellebore

Randolph’s twin brother, Algar has been made physically monstrous by the SilverFin serum. It is Algar, however, rather than Randolph, who has retained his sense of mercy and compassion.

‘James recoiled, but then forced himself to look at what had once been a man. Algar was taller than Randolph, though stooped over. His arms were enormous, and great knots of swollen muscle showed through his thin, filthy shirt, but there was something ruined about him, as if he could hardly carry his own weight. His skin was smooth and shiny and grey, stretched tight over his vast frame, and it glistened with oily sweat. The face was wrecked; it looked like it had been split down the middle and forced apart, so that the nose was flattened and stretched, the teeth had separated and the eyes had curved round almost to the side of his head. The eyes were the worst part. They were dark and wet, and James saw in them, not murder, but sadness and pain.’