El Huracan

El Huracan rules the island of Lagrimas Negras.  On the surface, the island is a villains’ paradise, but El Huracan is not a benevolent ruler and crossing him has fatal consequences…

‘He was dressed in the style of a Mexican aristocrat, with an embroidered velvet suit and a frilly cream cravat at his throat held in place with a pearl stud.

He had a flat nose in the middle of a dark brown face that had the appearance of being carved out of old, hard wood.  His thick mop of hair was pure white, as was his neat little Vandyke beard. He might have been forty, or he might have been eighty, it was impossible to tell.  His eyes looked like they had lived a thousand years and seen all there was to see.  At last he spoke, in English with a strong Mexican accent.’