James Bond

After his adventures in Mexico, James is glad to get back to Eton and life with the other boys. But when a school skiing trip goes perilously awry James finds himself once again immersed in a thrilling and deadly adventure.

“Mr. Merriot came over to sit at James’s table. He looked brighter and more alert than his fellow masters. In fact James had never seen him look anything other than comfortably at peace with the world.

‘I didn’t have the chance to welcome you back properly last night,’ he said, sitting down and taking out his pipe. ‘How have you been? Actually you need not answer that question. Us English, eh? Always asking each other how we are, and never expecting an honest reply. In your case I know perfectly well how you’ve been. Your aunt filled me in on everything.’ He glanced round the room, leaned in closer and went on in a lower voice. ‘It seems we can’t keep you away from trouble, can we, James?’