Roan Power

Roan is the intriguing new boys’ maid at Eton. Tough, witty and beautiful, this Irish girl soon makes an impression on James and his school-friends…

“‘You must be James Bond,’ she said, looking him up and down with a raised eyebrow. ‘I’ve heard a lot about you.’

‘And you must be Roan, the new maid,’ said James. ‘I’ve heard a lot about you, too.’

And his messmates hadn’t been making it up.

Roan was indeed a lot prettier than the previous maid. She was about the same height as James, but two or three years older, with wavy black hair and skin as white and smooth as a marble statue. Her huge eyes were deep and dark, but they shone with an intense brightness, like polished glass. Her wide mouth was curled up at one end in a slight, mocking smile.”