Shoot to Kill



James Bond hits Hollywood… Lights. Camera. Murder. Young Bond is back – in his most action-packed, explosive adventure yet; something terrible is happening in Tinseltown…

Paperback out now.

Meet the characters

James Bond

It’s 1934. Thrown out of Eton, young James Bond must briefly attend Dartington Hall, a progressive school in Devon. Here he makes new friends and enemies before leaving the UK for a most extraordinary field trip by zeppelin to Hollywood, Los Angeles… where deadly challenges await.

“James swung himself over the ledge, caught hold of the drainpipe and shinned down it,dropping the last six feet. He landed lightly with a crunch of gravel, then ran for the cover of the nearest building, more engaged than afraid: challenge, fight and flight, and he had barely been in this stupid school five minutes!”

Boudicca ‘Boody’ Pryce

Boody is a 16-year-old pupil at Dartington Hall – beautiful, clever and go-getting, with a particular interest in machines and engineering. Her analytical mind is balanced by a perceptive, sensitive nature.

‘I’ve seen you about, new boy. You stay quiet. Keep in the background. But you’re always watching. It’s as if . . . you’re expecting trouble.’ Old habits die hard, thought James, with a pang of unease at her scrutiny.

Tori Wo

An LA journalist who is close to getting a big scoop on a story of gangsters, corruption and murder in the heart of Hollywood. Tori is hardy and brazen when it comes to chasing the story but compassionate to others when they need help.

Anton Kostler

Director of dozens of influential movies and founder of Allworld Studios, the most successful motion picture studio in Hollywood. Since the untimely death of his wife he has become a recluse who travels only by zeppelin. Keeping the world at a distance, he prefers to view life through a lens – but some unsavoury rumours suggest the mogul is trying to direct the action in other, more sinister areas…

Hugo Grande

A boy who is a similar age to James (about 14) who becomes a close friend and confidante. He’s a dwarf who endures curious stares and thoughtless comments but diffuses any cruel remarks with wit and humour. He is funny, intelligent and brave.

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